Neighborhood Watch

Shawnee County Sheriff's Office

We have been seeing an increase in the amount of Car Burglaries. Please remember to always lock your car and to keep valuables out of sight. Also a reminder to remember to close your garage doors before going to bed. We have found a few open ones lately.

Note from Sheriff Hill to the residents of the Sherwood Improvement District:

Greetings! I wanted to take the opportunity to let the residents of the Sherwood Improvement District know of an exciting change occurring within the Shawnee County Sheriffs Office that will be a tremendous benefit to the Sherwood Community. As you may have heard, this Office is revamping our Reserve Deputy Program, which will result in increased visibility of law enforcement within the Sherwood District boundaries.

Presently, the Reserve Deputy Program is being transformed into an Intermittent Deputy Program, where fully trained and certified officers, with years of law enforcement experience, are assigned to a focused patrol within Sherwood and the surrounding area. The goal of the Intermittent Deputy Program is to provide increased law enforcement presence and crime deterrence within the Sherwood Community.

At a time when property crime is on the rise countywide, it is our goal to do everything possible to deter the criminal element away from Sherwood and away from Shawnee County as a whole. Hopefully, the Intermittent Deputy Program will be a positive step in that direction.

If there are any questions regarding the Intermittent Deputy Program please feel free to contact either Sheriff Brian Hill or Undersheriff Jay Simecka at (785) 251-2200.

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